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August 31st, 2006

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02:41 pm - Would you like extra fries? Day
Comedy supermarket promotion of the day: I took a video back to the library this morning and thought, “ooh, I’ll just pop into Marks and get a nice healthy salad for lunch”. I find an appealing salad in the ‘count on us’ healthy range and espy a large red sticker on its lid. “Ooh! I do like a bargain!” thinks Lily. So what have I got free with my nice healthy salad? A 500 calorie, 30 grams of fat (16 grams of saturated) cheesecake! You bet! Come on Marks, you’re just not helping the cause…

It being my birthday, office tradition dictates that I bring in cake (hence the particularly strong urge for a nice healthy salad). Consequently, I had a jolly baking fest last night and made two out of my three favourite sweet farinaceous products, both of which are usually super crowd pleasers: chocolate brownies and carrot & pineapple cake with cheesecake topping and lots of cinnamon. Mmm… the other baking marvel in my top three is topical gingerbread shapes by the way. By topical, I mean as well as the men I have ladies, butterflies, stars and some especially versatile (or ambiguous) cutters that double up as angels at Christmas and backpackers at other times if baking for a hiking trip! Anyway, the cake’s are going like they are hot. I’m quite hyper today; got up at six to ice the cake, popped to Tesco and was at my desk by 7:30!

Every day, Mr Angry brings a newspaper to work and every day by early afternoon he has slammed it down on the desk in disgust, usually with a summons of “Lily, is it me or is this guy a w*nker?” I just asked him if there was any idiots in the paper today and he said “no, just politicians”. I like that. I have the best bunch of guys to work with in the world.

I do, however, have slight concerns about their choice of birthday card: two aged naturists on a tandem! I went rather red in the face opening that in front of everyone! Where did you get that card? There was also a pot of bubbles in the envelope! All in all, it was immensely random, but highly amusing.

I’m doing something rash today: signing up to my own mobile phone contract. Dad has been looking after this for me since I was eighteen, but it’s high time I did it myself. It’s stupid; I mean I’m not stupid so I ought to be able to manage these things myself. I don’t know why I get so overfaced by anything to do with bills and forms and contracts; I’m still sorting out stuff from my old house and I moved out nearly a year ago! For goodness sake, Lily! Dad is obviously not going to be around forever and I’m most definitely an adult so I need to be able to cope with these things. Dad’s workfriend has found an offer too good to miss- a bargainous monthly fee inclusive of more minutes and texts than I should ever need and a free phone with mp3 player, camera, video, sat nav, email and internet. Hell, it even does phone calls! It’s a risk signing up for eighteen months, but I think I’ll manage better with a contract than pay as you go; I can’t ever run out of credit and the direct debit should look after itself more or less. I’m still nervous, though!

I’m hanging around waiting for people to assemble for a meeting. Think I’m in for a long day! I’ve bought some new card making stuff and I’m taking it all round to Wendy’s tonight to have a card making sesh with the gang. I don’t think they’ve done much of that kinda thing before so it will be fun to share with them.

Shout going out to my almost twin Becky! God bless us in our advancing age.
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