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April 13th, 2007

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11:07 am - Funny as erm something side-splittingly, pant-wettingly funny...

Special Constructive Comment of the Week Mention going out to Mr Angry, my dear colleague and consultant to my latest project. Having asked Mr Angry to construct some initial figures, the project manager has now asked me to make a thorough model and persuade Mr Angry to tell me the rationale behind his figures (which seem a little off the wall). Mr Angry appears to be in a sulk that we seemingly don't trust him (with good reason and hey I'm only doing what I was asked to do). I bit the bullet and invited, using much flattery, said person with a short fuse to a meeting to enlighten us on the careful consideration and decades of experience behind his calculations. His response?

"I made them up, so fuck off."

Well it doesn't get much more constructive than that... Debs and I are sorely tempted to turn that exquisite phrase into a tagline for all our models and estimations!

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