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The Monkey Files

The Question Is Not Why But Why Not

Lily Butcher
I'm a wellard turned nerd. After work experience as an illegal tuck shop entrepreneur (age 12), old people's tea parties pianist, Santa's elf, St John's comatose person, teacher, cardboard box assembler, baker, railway track replacer, cleaner, sonic welder, ward clerk, quality controller, painter-decorator, receptionist, taxi driver, Mary Poppins and HR bimbo, I now have a glamourous modelling career in sewage treatment and a fledgling career as a published poet. Eventually, I'll also open my own museum.

Spot me in my purple wellies on a rainy day, flying (sometimes with wings/ sometimes without) on a sunny day, pyjama dancing in the snow, sitting under a brolly with a good cryptic in a thunderstorm and larking about whatever the weather. Jason Orange (fish) is 12 and has discovered a certain joie de vivre now that Take That are back for good.

All glory and praise to the one and only majesty God, creator and Father of everything and to my saviour Jesus who would have died even if only I needed saving and to God's Spirit in me.

This journal is a suburban tragi-comedy now starring the mill Out West. The twin peaks of Oop Norf and Dan Saf will always be dear though.

Big rest in peace to my beloved bro Bob (2004), Kyla (2001) and Marc Bolan (1977). Thanks for the inspiration, love y'all, see you when I get there.